Choir Membership

Being a Reading Phoenix Choir Member

Being a member of Reading Phoenix Choir is hugely rewarding both musically and socially. The high singing standard plus wonderful variety of the music and the number of performances means that there is a significant amount of commitment required in attending rehearsals, concert days and generally joining in with the choir activities.

Prospective members might feel that they can never reach the standard required - but don't worry, every new member is given buddy support to help learn the repertoire, build up confidence in singing without music and to join in singing in concerts at the pace that suits them. The enthusiasm and passion from the choir – combined with the energy and talent of our Musical Director Chris Hann – makes it all worth it.

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Current Vacancies

The choir currently has vacancies for Basses, Baritones, and Tenors.


How to Join

A Reading Phoenix Choir RehearsalYou can contact the choir at any time to ask about membership. Maybe you have recently moved to the area and are looking for a great choir to join. Or perhaps you want a change from simply performing The Messiah and other choral standards. The best way to find out whether Reading Phoenix is for you is to come to one of our open rehearsals. Every term we hold an open rehearsal where anyone who is interested in becoming a member can come along. Open rehearsals will be advertised on the home page of this website and elsewhere.

To join the choir, you will need to pass an audition (not as scary as it sounds!) and there is a subscription cost which is currently £225 for the year (which can be paid as £75 at the beginning of each term).

Rehearsals take place at South Lake Primary School, Woodley from 7.45 to 9.55 pm every Monday during term time. The choir sometimes rehearse at the same time on Thursday evenings where necessary, e.g. in some bank holiday weeks or, exceptionally, where an additional rehearsal is needed..

The concert season is from September to July each year, and the choir typically performs at least one concert per month. There is always a rehearsal prior to the concert to warm up and have a run through of the pieces.

If you are interested in joining, or coming along to an open rehearsal, then please contact us.